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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Great Myth

Once again, Peggy Noonan gets it right*.

Who is at fault? Those of us who let the myth die, or let it change, or refused to let it be told. The politically correct nitwit teaching the seventh-grade history class who decides the impressionable young minds before him need to be informed, as their first serious history lesson, that the Founders were hypocrites, the Bill of Rights nothing new and imperfect in any case, that the Indians were victims of genocide, that Lincoln was a clinically depressed homosexual who compensated for the storms within by creating storms without . . .

*Peggy Noonan and her wonderful book on Ronald Reagan, "When Character Was King" more than anything prompted me to start this blog. In its early days, my banner even included a Reagan quote: True, lasting peace cannot be secured through the strength of arms alone. Among free peoples, the open exchange of ideas ultimately is our greatest security


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