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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Abramoff Fallout? I Don't Think So.

Apparantly the National's are concerned that the Abramoff Scandal will take a bite out of season ticket sales.

I'm not sure its just that simple. Certainly, the excesses will decrease a bit this year, and I know my organization has dropped alot of its season tickets (we had between 30 and 40 last year, we have 8 as far as I can tell this year). However, I think something else is really going on.

Frankly, tickets were everywhere last year. I didn't renew my personal tix because I simply couldn't spend that much time at RFK and figured that since people were offering me tickets to everygame, I really didn't need to pay $1000 for them (and don't get me started on the high cost of crappy food at RFK).

I don't know if thats a calculation everyone's made, but I know at least a few organizations around town came to that decision. Its a shame the Post didn't explore what I think is this more interesting angle, but then, it doesn't make as sexy a story (and of course puts some of the blame on the Nat's marketing plans).


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