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Monday, March 20, 2006

Gun Free DC

James J. Na fills us in on the latest escapades in gun free DC. Seems that the rash of violent crimes hitting the overwhelmingly white and affluent and VERY liberal northwest corner of DC continues, this time targeting folks buying Pizza.

It says a lot that armed robbers are now attempting to take pizzas (!) from people in D.C. Since the robbers know that ordinary civilians in D.C. are disarmed, they have no fear of getting shot while robbing the law-abiding. So for criminals, the equation is: upside = free pizza, downside = none (okay, being confronted by folks who have no guns).

For those interested, here's the Washington Post's blurb (the Post, of course, fully supports the right of thugs to take from the unarmed limousine liberals living in NW).


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