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Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Son The Environmentalist

True Story. Just 2 minutes ago my almost 4 year old son wakes up and says, "Daddy, I need to go poop. Can you help me."

Of course I can, so I take him to the bathroom and help him get set up.

When he's done, he hops off the toilet, turns around (while I wipe) and says, "Look Daddy, a pile of Poop! I'm a big boy, I make big boy Poop!"

And I say, "Yes you are, do you want to flush?"

Son: "Daddy, where does poop go?"
Me: "Down the drain."
Son: "And then where?"
Me: "Remember that stream I showed you, with the pipe emptying into it and the poop floating in it?"
Son: "Yes, but then where does it go?"
Me: "Well, that stream goes into the river. The one daddy kayaks on."
Son: "Oh, you ride boat in the poop?"
Me: "Well, in the river."
Son: "In the poop river!" laughing. "Daddy, where does it go then?"
Me: "The river goes into the Chesapeake Bay."
Son: "Oh Daddy, where does it go then? To the ocean?"
Me: "Yes dear."
Son: "Daddy, what do the fish think about all that poop?"
Me: "I don't know, we'll have to ask them tomorrow. Lets get back to sleep though."
Son: "OK, daddy. But I don't think fish like all my poop on them. Makes them poopy fish!"


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