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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A History of Violence

Rented the DVD. Incredible movie. Highly recommended.

Its about how the life of a small town middle America guy running a greasy spoon diner is changed after he achieves coast to coast noteriety after violently defending his customers and employees from two sadistic killers. Gruesome, but not gratuitously. First time through, I actually turned it off about 5 minutes in because of the disturbing nature of the violence, but tried to watch it a second time and am glad I made it through the troubling first scene.

David Cronenberg is a cinematic genius (but why so long between flicks??), Viggo Mortensen is a brilliant actor (even if he is a commie) and Maria Bello is drop dead gorgeous. The special features and some of the best I've experienced, and Cronenberg, being the genius he is, has put together a must see directors commentary track.

Oh yeah, the gun play is pretty good too.

Check it out.


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