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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Out And About

Others do this, so I thought I would to.

I've been using bloglines for a while now and really like it, though it makes it tough to follow up on the running commentary of older posts without remembering which blogs you've visited and which you've commented on (since it resets each blog after each visit).

Still, its pretty handy and has allowed me to blog more in less time.

Here's a quick review of things striking my interest that are up on bloglines (and hence new since I last checked in)

War on Guns in wondering why questions are being asked.

Zendo Deb and I both like watermelon.

Dave H at Synthstuff (one of my favorite blogs by the way - he certainly deserves way more traffic) has been building robots, busting fraudulent New Orleans mayoral candidates and, well, hunting easter bunnies

My brothers hitting the Cabela's in PA tomorrow. According to Irons In The Fire, they are evil. Not positive on it - but to the extent jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins I am pretty wiling to agree.

Head's got a dragooon for BAG day.

Guns and Butter and Carrots and Sticks

Chad Dotson, Virginia's own elected blogger proves sometimes politicians can have a sense of humor. Poor woman


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