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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weird Libertarian Politics

Since Uncle decided to put them out there . . . .

Here's my views

Abortion is murder. Don't quite know what to do about it though. Don't think it should be legal, but understand that its gonna happen anyway and might best be doing it in a hospital than a back alley. Still, anyone asking for or performing a 2nd r 3rd trimester abortion should be prosecuted for murder. I am still undecided about what to do in the first trimester (or really, in the first few weeks). I am probably ok with a morning after pill to the extent it just prevents conception from occuring or the egg from "taking root." Not sure where I draw the line after that but its soemwhere between the next day and the 2nd trimester.

We should stop wasting out time and money on the war on drugs and release the non violent (ie: street level) dealers and poor guys who were just growing some pot.

I’m for the death penalty, preferably rendered prior to the crime being committed.

I think Iraq is going entirely 100% along the course I predicted and the administration intended (and thats a good thing) and only wish the administration was more forthright with the American people about the true need to go into Iraq and use it as a battle ground to fight the terrorists as well as Syria and Iran and ultimatly place pressure on Saudi Arabia to change its ways.

not 100% for gay marriage, but not against it either. I do see it as essentially just a contract. What I keep wondering though is why the gays took the route they did to force the issue on us when they could have easily found a church that was willing to marry a couple and then fought an easily victorious first amendment freedom of religion argument.

I don't have the first idea what ID is but I don't think creationism belongs in schools outside of history or social studies class.

Pro free market

Don't know if I believe in God and Jesus so much as I believe in something that set the wheels into motion. I go to church quite often and consider myself a christian so I guess I do believe in God and Jesus, its just I don't know that I figured that whole bit out just yet. I have real interesting conversations about the laws of physics and The Force and god and chaos theory with the rector at our church. Its something I still struggle with.

Everyone pays too much in taxes, though I do understand we need some government and need to pay for it (though I think most of that can be found elsewhere)

ANWR: Drill it. Why are we even debating this????? Because a republican is in the white house and republicans control both houses of congress. If the Ds controlled any part of congress, or the White House, we would have had a real energy bill last year and we would be drilling not just in ANWR but also throughout the entire OCS and weening ourselves off of foreign oil. But the Ds aren't controlling anything and since that means they can't take credit for anything they just sit there and play obstructionist.

Kyoto: This is the biggest quack scam in history and its making the environmentalists filthy rich.

Spank your kids but also remember to spank your spouse (and let your spouse spank you) :-)

Something needs to be done to medicare and social security but I don't know if total elimination is the key. As we enter an age when more and more americans are without pensions and those with pensions can't really be certain the pensions will survive there needs to be some sort of safety valve in place for those who fall on truly hard times especially late in life when they might not be able to work anymore. We need to reform the system, but not necessarily eliminate it (unless thats the first step to reforming it)

Hillary Clinton is the personification of evil and all that is wrong in the world.

I like guns and everyone should have them, even felons and poor people.

If you think capitalism (or corporations) are evil, you’re a loon and your opinion shouldn't count.

Government is often the problem

The world is a small place and we need a foreign policy that allows us to interact with others

We need roads and some form of welfare to assist those without a job on a TEMPORARY basis and those seniors who have fallen on hard times and can no longer work and pay the bills. The best means for that is the government, at least for now. Deal with it.

The second amendment doesn't give you the right to nuclear arms. Small arms yes. Nukes (or intercontinental ballistic missles) no!

We can't eliminate .gov in one fell swoop. Government is like an ocean liner, its going to keep plodding ahead and is impossible to stop on a dime, though we can slowly change its direction.

The free market is cool, but it probably won’t make sure the meat I feed my baby is properly inspected but lawyers and an unemcumbered tort litigation system will make sure there is no problem with the meat

Neither a free market full of government interference nor unions take particularly good care of workers.

George Bush won both times. It was the Democrats fault they nominated two unelectable candidates. Not sure about 2000, but in 2004 there were a number of Dems who could have beaten Bush (Howard The Scream Dean, Joey L, and Dick Gephardt amongst them)

Taste great

Boxer briefs.

Dr. Pepper.

I am really starting to dig the AR but it is still too complicated compared to an AK


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