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Monday, July 03, 2006

Bang Bang Bang Bang (x2)


Went shooting again today. Really, can you think of a better way to celebrate independence day? Brought along the Garand (hence the title) the Marlin 336, K31, a S&W Model 66, Ruger Blackhawk and of course the Colt 1991A1

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Couple of things to note. I intended to test out that Hornady Leverevolution ammo.
Here it is
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L to R 170 grain Winchester Silvertip .30-30, 170 grain Hornady Custom .30-30, 160 grain Leverevolution, and surplus .30-06

It was pretty dam accurate and blew a heck of a hole through my wet phone book. That said though, I was a bit annoyed that its average velocity through the chronograph clocked in at 2309 fps when its advertised at 2400 fps. The old dad thought it was probably because the test barrels are longer than my Marlin's 20 inches. Could be, that certainly makes sense, but strikes me as a bit dishonest since most Marlin 336s come stock at 20 inches.

Also wanted to test out some 200 grain Georgia Arms .45 ACP hollow points I loaded up. Ended up sending a 10 through the wet phone books (NoVA White Pages, at least 8 inches thick when wet) and none of them expanded. Instead, they all blew through and it was pretty obvious with the three rounds I was able to recover that they filled up right away with paper and just acted as 200 grain bullets.

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Got to shoot a CETME too.
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It was loud, but the .308 didn't have too much of a punch.

One final thought, and this is intended to start a fight.

Black guns suck in the heat. All of them. Whether plastic or steel, I simply couldn't justify owning one without also having a pair of gloves on. The temerature at the range today was a might toasty 98 degrees with a full sun blazing. Tried to shoot my Ruger Mk II and I could barely hold it, it was so damn hot. Same with every other black gun on the line (and my stainless steel ones too). However, the old timey mil surplus and Marlin 336 all had wood stocks and hence were very shootable with nothing on them to burn sensitive fingers.

The Rambling Old Dad has more, including some better pics (my camera, as you can see, is over exposing everything. Not quite sure why).


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