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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bear Alert!!!

It was spotted just down the road from me the other night.

Here's what I posted at Ravenwood's

Apparantly there was a black bear spotted within 1/2 mile of my house this weekend. I don't live in the wilderness - but instead in a townhouse 1 mile down 123 from Tyson's Corner. The exit ramp from the Toll Road to 123 is literally in my backyard, but one of the things that attracted us to our development was the terrific greenspace the surrounds us and has been developed by the Homeonwers Association over the last 30 years. 50 yards from my patio is a major thoroughfare, but there is dense woods and a great hiking trail between me and it.

Anyway, we sat out last night on my patio (yes, a slate patio - no crappy wooden deck) grilling up some seafood and drinking Mojito's (delicious, remind me to post the recipeie some day) with no fear, realizing that two of us had Colt 1911s and another had a Taurus revolver with .357 and I of course had my Marlin .336 and a slugged up shotgun resting next to my chair.


Only if your not staring down the face of a hungry bear.

I'm serious about the Mojito recipie . . .

Fan-fucking-tastic . . .

and don't give me shit about drinking with guns around. No one was drunk, we were all being responsible adults, just trying to enjoy a beautiful summer evening out-of-doors.


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