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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Disarm The Police

and take away the DC Council's security.

Then, lets declare open season on them (its only fair right, it seems its open season on us too).

Heck, without their guns, lets see how long before the barbarians are raping Linda Cropp and sodomizing the incompetant and corrupt Chuckie Ramsey.

The gates have been crashed and DC's elected officials are still worshipping the sweet sounds of peace and harmony coming from the gun banners.

D's want to win votes this fall . . . and show they are really truly in support of the 2nd Amendment????? How 'bout allowing folks to protect themselves in D.C.

Heck, they might also consider simply throwing some of these animals in jail.

According to D.C. police, 420 juveniles taken into custody on armed-robbery charges in the city this year had been arrested before. Including the robbery case, 144 of them have been arrested twice; 102, three times; 74, four times; 44, five times; 29, six times; 10, seven times; five, eight times; five, nine times; three, 10 times; one, 11 times; one, 12 times; and two, 14 times.

Surely even the most asinine of the gun banners can agree to that? Can't they?


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