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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Shooter Alert

There will be new shooters (and some returning shooters) tonight with me at Bull Run Shooting Center.

UPDATE Yes, it happened.

Yes, even with a brief rain delay a good time was had by all.

No, we didn't shoot skeet. Because of the rain delay, and the fact that the newbies were required to take a class there, we only had time for one round of trap.

No, your not going to find out how poorly I did in trap. My excuse? I hadn't shot trap in months and besides I had a skeet choke on and wasn't wearing my glasses. Plus, the only thing important is that we all had fun and only one of the newbies beat me and he got lucky.

Also, its certainly worth pointing out that some of the local kids hanging there - especially the ones of the female kind are fairly attractive. Yes, you heard that right guys, there was both a real cute brunette and a very cute (and pretty incredible shooter) blonde that made it sort of difficult to focus on the competition at hand. The Blonde was an incredible shot, and quick too. Anyone know who she is? We were all impressed. Her license plate was Shotgun Chick (but abbreviated). WoW. And, fwiw, the brunette had a big 'ol do me doggie style tattoo . . . which isn't my thing but seemed to work on her.

With any luck, I'll be back again tomorrow.

Update #2 Apparantly the blonde is a member of the Olympic's development team and actually training for the olympics. She's listed on the Shooting USA web page.

Also, everyone is itching to go back and there is serious discussion about returning on Sunday. As I commented to Bitter in an email, my assistant was supposed to be working on a project for me and when I went over to check it out found him surfing the Berretta shotgun page. I've got no problem with that. :)


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