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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Major Must Read Two-fer

At the Dummocrats, where else.

I don't know if Floyd Landis can go screw himself yetbut there's an interesting debate on whether he should and before you let your kids off at the local Moonbat U. (and they all are) here's some important advice.

I pretty much followed all of it - though I have to say I was an editor (photography) on the school paper AND listened to classic rock (phish even) AND was a liberal arts major (Poli Sci after switching from Architecture).

That, however, was no match for the 1) non stop parties, 2) three jobs I held down (school paper paid me - I had to to work three nights a week, worked as a computer lab monitor and staffed the computer science help desk and worked at a local book store), 3) football AND basketball tickets (which is really just an extension of the parties), and 4) natural inclination to disagree and challenge authority (and trust me, at Moonbat U. being a conservative really is the radical and disruptive thing to do).


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