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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meet The New Boss

Apparantly, he really is same as the old boss (from National Journal's CongressDailyPM - subscription required)

Durbin also must contend with an experienced adversary across the aisle. "I know I've met a worthy match," said Durbin about incoming Minority Whip Lott. The two could face a scenario where they are tracking down the same senators for close votes next year. Durbin's office said Democrats did not lose a vote during the 109th Congress that Durbin whipped while Lott prides himself on not losing a vote during his last term as majority leader.

And that, by the way, is the reason I think Lott was a better choice for the Republican's than Lamar. Sure, you can scream about reforming and throwing the bums out, but here's the thing, unless you remove all 100 Senators at the same time, who ever remains will run roughshod over the system.

Its all about inside baseball, and the leadership elections are very much an inside baseball thing.


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