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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Vote

George Allen - I don't mind Jim Webb, and was even thinking about voting for him, but when I showed up at the polls this morning the nutroots guys were out in full force. That, and bringing in Cindy Sheehan to campaign for him yesterday was enough. As Donald Sensing said yesterday, there is only one issue and Webb has surrounded himself with people who don't take it seriously.

Frank Wolf - He's a good man, if a bit of a porkmeister, and Judy Feder doesn't deserve. Vote.

Gay Marriage - No. Leave me alone, and get the gocernment out of peoples lives.

Church Incorporation - Yes, its a technicality to correct a "unconstitutional" provision in the state constitution.

Tax Relief doe Developers - No. I generally approve of all tax relief whatsoever, but this is just a giveaway to Til Hazel.

2 Bond Proposals - No! Get the counties finances in line first.

By the way, I am typing this from inside the voting booth. Isn't techology great!!!


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