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Friday, December 29, 2006



As I stated the other day, the FM Modulator on my Sirius Satellite Radio sucks. Big Time.

We drove in to Atlanta yesterday - about a 2 1/2 hour trip. While its pretty bad here - where there are very few radio stations competing for air space, it was unlistenable in Atlanta. I was pretty resigned to having to cancel the subscription and return the radio, and then I saw this Sirus FM Direct Adapter at Crutchfields. Apparantly it connects through the antannae input to the radio - cutting off reception over the FM antannae whenever the satellite radio is on. At only $19.99 its cheap enough. My question - any one have any experience with it? How easy is it to install (I have a Grand Cherokee) And is it really the solution to my (sirius) problems?

Cost of Living

Forget Honey Baked Hams. I've got a better deal.

I needed new brakes, and rotors, for my Jeep for a few months, but had been quoted a price by my local garage of about $700 installed. Yikes. Well, while driving back from Atlanta last night, my radiator decided to empty itself of coolant. Turns out, its shot. Not a surprise, they go at about 100k miles on Jeeps (my GC has 94k miles on it). Similar thing happened to my sister in law's GC two years ago. Cost her over $1000 parts and labor to replace.

Took it to the garage down the street from us here in NW Georgia. $390 they fixed both. $200 for the radiator. $35 labor. $35 for labor on the front brakes and $45 for the rear. $60 for the pads and $15 to turn the rotors.

Savings - at least $1300.

Why do I still insist on living in DC????


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