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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Thoughts

Hope everyone had a merry christmas.

Here's some random thoughts.

Saw two movies. Yesterday we saw We Are Marshall. Excellent (though not the usual CHristmas Day fare for me). Not a dry eye in the entire theater, and I have to say my respect for Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich and every other football player the school has produced has increased markedly.

A tragedy and tremendous story. The school most deserves the success it now holds.

And Bobby Bowden - Florida State's current coach - legacy from WVU and the sportsmanship he exuded there should be an everlasting part of his legacy as are the record number of wins as a Seminole.

Saw A Night At The Museum tonight. Dumb ben Stiller/Robin Williams flick - pales in comparison to Jumanji - but my 4 1/2 year old son was mesmerized by it, so it did its job. He'd watch it a hundred times, so for that it deserves some kudos - certainly played to its audience (though to the two teenagers sitting next to us who decided the girls panties were better off around her knees - seriously inappropriate behavior when a 4 year old is sitting inches away from you)

Sirius Satellite Radio

Got it for Xma - the Starmate Replay Radio. Its pretty cool, though I am a tad depressed they are carrying so few bowl games - and that the NFL coverage ends in pretty much a month. Have no desire to listen to tennis or the NBA (but others do) or soccer. But its still a decent service - pretty good selection of material to choose from, and I get to listen to Howard Stern in the morning. Still, except for some points in SW Virginia along my drive from DC to Chattanooga, I've never really been at a loss for entertaining radio programming. We'll see how long Howard Stern can command my money.


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