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Monday, December 11, 2006

My Morning Coffee Cooler Conversation

Secretary - Ouch, I banged my finger on the coffee machine (holding up left hand showing me her middle finger and ring finger)

Me - You did?? Which finger?

Sec. - This finger (holding up same two, I don't see anything)

Me - Oh, I don't see anything. Is there something to see?

Sec. - Yes, this!! (holding up ring finger)

Me - (still not seeing anything, but noticing a small ring with a stone on her ring finger) Oh, did you get engaged?

Sec. - (obviously annoyed by now at my cluelessness and utter inability to understand her pain) No!!! Thats a p&%SDKJHDTty ring

Me - A what???

Sec. - A Purfityehflkjhty ring?

Me - Huh?

Sec. - A P-U-R-I-T-Y Ring - i took a vow to remain sexually pure until marriage and its my daily reminder.

Me - oh . . . .

just then, sensing my bewilderment (and amazement at the utter waste of an attractive and good working set of 23 year old hormones this represents - but to each their own), the office manager comes up and says "Dude, your right, I checked at church, there REALLY ARE 666 hymns in the Baptist Hymnal. I can't believe it. I totally didn't believe you but your absolutly correct"

Score one for the office heathen!


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