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Thursday, November 30, 2006

No Less Than Death

The Post takes on another - locally famous - case of police over reaction: the murder of Salvatore J. Culosi.

I agree with the post that Deval Bullock may have been a good cop who made an error, but that doesn't warrant the slap on the wrist he recieved. I say throw him in jail. At least fire him. And, as Glenn Reynolds points out, in these cases of extreme organized overreaction (this was a SWAT raid, different and vastly more appalling because of its apparant official stamp than the shooting in NY the other day) the police involved - right up to the Chief - ought to be held criminally and civilly (without any immunity or official protection) for their actions.

But, thats not really the point of this post.

Rather, its to call for the prosecution (and conviction) of Fairfax Prosecutor Robert Horan for conspiracy to comit murder - cause in my mind no factor contributes as much to the constant overreaction and frequently violent outcomes of Fairfax police incidents than Robert Horan's steadfast refusal to ever find anything even the slightest bit wrong in the way a cop acts.

Virginia's facorite son, Thomas Jefferson once said a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.

String Ronbert Horan up, say I.

There's a nice tree on Gallows Rd., just down the street from Tysons, thats well deserving.


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