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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Metropulse: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

or, perhaps we should change that to Lumpy Is as Lumpy Does.

You see, Knoxville's lefty luny alt (is it really that alternative when every city carries generally a similar type of publication with the same format, ad base, editorial views, and hooker ads???) paper ran a rather harsh editorial on a local politician who responded to a hold up at his store by drawing his own gun.

Good for him you would say. Well, unless you were a lefty looney editorial page writer.

Knox County Commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert, the used car dealer who once offered a firearm with each vehicle purchased from his North Knoxville car lot, is still employing guns in his latest bit of showboating.

In the process, he has shown himself to be a danger to himself and others.

His confrontation with a young man last Saturday at his dealership is an example of Lambert’s lack of judgment.

If his version of the event is to be believed, he warded off a robbery attempt by drawing his own pistol when a 19-year-old who had been feigning a car buy pulled a pistol and pointed it at him. In a standoff, he says he got the young man to drop his weapon and depart, leaving his driver’s license behind.


We should point out that under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Lambert has the right to keep and bear arms, and under Tennessee law, Lambert has the right to carry his pistol concealed, having passed the required tests of his knowledge of gun safety and gun usage. His actions, however, didn’t speak to good judgment in gun handling.

First he put himself at risk by drawing his weapon when he says he saw a gun come out of the young man’s pocket. Then, lured by the prospect of enhancing his moment of fame and creating what he must have thought would be positive attention, he points his gun at a TVcamera, manned by a journalist who should have ordered him to put that gun down.

The whole scenario is somehow suspect, especially since the Sheriff’s Department is notably uncooperative in providing details to the news media.

It will be up to the young man and his lawyer to plead his case, but the entire incident would be better digested and put behind us if it were taken before a Knox County Grand Jury for review. The grand jury could put Lambert under oath to get his story straight and decide whether and what crimes may have been committed.

Advice to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and members of his administration, toward whom Lambert has shown animosity: Steer clear of Lumpy Lambert unless you have armed security handy and have plenty of witnesses around.

We said Lambert was a clown and shouldn’t be elected to the Commission, and what he’s been displaying since he was sworn in does nothing to change our opinion, which worsens with each of his show-off maneuvers. We didn’t think he was really dangerous. Now we’re not so sure.


But about that line concerning the Sheriff's office being "notably uncooperative." If it really was the case, don't you think that would warrant maybe a little more digging around? Perhaps asking the Sheriff is there may have been some larger investigation underway??? Maybe just pausing, briefly, before lashing out in such harsh terms at someone who - for all intents and purposes - was the victim of an attempted armed robbery??? Dontch ya think???

Well, it turns out, maybe they should have, as that armed assailant has now been charged in something a bit more serious than holding up a used car dealer.

Stackhouse will be charged Tuesday in the Knox County Grand Jury for a murder that occurred ten hours before he drew down on Lumpy Lambert.

Yes, notably uncooperative.

Good thing too. We wouldn't want to jeapardize important police work just for the sake of some idiot left moonbat alternative newspaper editors.

Of course, if they had any sense of decency, they would publish some sort of apology or retration or, maybe even simply pull the editorial from a prominent listing on your home page.

Here's what their web page looks like today.


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