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Monday, November 20, 2006

Never Again Will I See A First Run Movie In The Theaters*

Decided to take the young yesterday to see Flushed Away (Fabulously film, btw).

Hit the Sunday afternoon matinee - a cold rainy day, what could be better than the Sunday matinee - and was floored by how much it costs.

3 tickets (at the reduced matinee price) = $21 (Normal price was $10 a ticket)
1 Salted Pretzel = $3.25
1 Hot Dog = $3.50
1 Medium Pop Corn= $3.75
1 20oz Fruit Punch for my son = $3.55
2 20oz bottles of Aquafina water (they wouldn't serve us just a cup of H2O) = $6.60

Total Price $41.65


Like i said, the movie itself was fantastic, but nothing I couldn't wait to see - either at the 2nd Run $3 a movie theater by George Mason University - or on DVD.

*exceptions, of course, for anything larger than life thats playing at the Uptown Cinema.


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