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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Phoney Baloney Democrat BS

Triggerfinger has the details on the latest Democrat fraud American Hunters and Shooters Association.

What a crock of crap.

David Cordera has more on these frauds, including the revelation that they are run by the DCS Group, a Democrat political consulting group with a gun control nightmare of a client list.

I don't know about the gun control part, but I can confirm DCS is a nightmare group. Back in the day when I was practicing law we were working on starting a coalition to advance one of our clients interests. A partner at the law firm - a big time Democrat (who happens to remain a very good friend of mine) who's daughter left a media job to work as a close advisor to Hillary "The Bitch" Clinton - brought DCS on board to handle to PR aspects. Ugh. The only thing I found them to be were the PR arm for whatever direction the Democratic Leadership Council wanted to move in.

Anyway here's a list of DCS's management.

You can peruse the entire list, but I'll just point out that the senior two advisors there are its president, Gerry Kavanaugh (Ted Kennedy's Chief of Staff) and David Bonior (about as liberal a democrat as they come).

If that hasn't scared you yet, check out their client list. And yes, you Rocky Toppers - Harold Ford Jr's Senate Campaign is being run by Teddy Kennedy and Associates.


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