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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Hey, sorry for the poor grammar and spelling on this weekends posts. Had a lot to say, and limited time to say it, and apparently the online spell check didn't make the changes I requested. I'll be fixing most of that this evening, after work.

Also, something screwy is going on with the Monday Song lyric Post - two paragraphs are in the wrong place, one is missing, other random words are missing and there are weird characters throughout it. Again, more technical problem that I hope to straighten out this evening.

I make most of my postings using an apple running Safari and for some reason blogger doesn't interface well with mozilla/netscape. I'm probably going to have to start using IE for my postings . . . as crappy a program as that is. I've sent bug reports to apple, we'll see if the problem gets straightened out. They are usually pretty good about correcting these bugs, unlike Microsoft.


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