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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Kerry Disses Volunteers

Apparantly, John Kerry wants nothing to do with Volunteers - well folks from the Volunteer State at least.

South Knox Bubba is reporting that Kerry has yet to visit Tennessee, since they don't believe it is not part of the United States. well, that may be stretching what he said, but go read the news from Knoxvegas.

In other Knoxvegas news, it looks like Clark and Edwards are both spending the next few days in the land of Orange (as opposed to Kerry wo's colors run more on the YELLOW side. Its too bad Clark is heading to Calhoun's BBQ on the river. I really like that place (the wife and I had our first date there...ask her about it) and don't know if any amount of cleaning will be able to disinfect it from the stench of the Clark Campaign. I'm not familiar with the Riverside Tavern, but as I stated before Edwards doesn't annoy me nearly as much as the other two candidates do.


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