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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

You've Got To Be F'ing Kidding Me

Yep, that was my initial reaction when I read the news about the Republican Party's plan to raise Virginia taxes by $520 million dollars. It neigh past time to throw these ungrateful bums out - both Democrat and Republican. I think the one to start with is Vince Callahan (Socialist - Fairfax) and Chairman of the House Mis-Appropriations committee.

The Republican takeover of the Virginia Legislature was supposed to awaken a new era of fiscal prudence and common sense spending in Richmond. Callahan's elevation to Chair of the Mis-Appropriations committee was to be a godsend to Northern Virginia (reversing the flow of money south) and to the Fairfax Republican Party.

So, what has happened over the last five years. . . Well, Northern Virginia still gets shat on by the rest of the state, Callahan is a laughingstock who more and more disappoints and squanders our money for his own far fetched liberal utopian dreams, and our taxes continue to rise.

Now, not only have my local property taxes risen over 112% in the four years I've owned my home and I STILL have to pay that F'ing car tax, but I will be faced with half a billion in other new taxes. Of course, the Republicans are arguing its only the businesses that pay these taxes and they aren't going after my pay check. Really? Then does that mean I won't see increased prices on all sorts of services after this new form of politician welfare is passed and imposes additional sales taxes.

What are the reasons for this tax increase? Well, this line pretty much sums it up:

"I'm suggesting to you we are caving in to a lack of information," thundered Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), an ardent opponent of tax increases. "No case has been made to increase revenues, and this will increase revenues. That's the purpose of it."

Appropriations Chairman Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (R-Fairfax) challenged that sentiment, telling his Republican colleagues that if they failed to pass the bill, deep cuts would be necessary in the proposed $59 billion budget.

And what exactly is wrong with deep cuts? Especially in the Peoples Republic of Fairfax where the last vestiges of common sense have apparently flown out the window. Some days it seems like I might as well live in Arlington, DC, or even San Francisco.

At least not all Republicans have lost their way ... what we really need in this State is Ken Cuccinelli in the Governor's Mansion. Some day's he seems to be the only person in Richmond who actually cares about us, the people. I urge you to visit his site and sign his petition.


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