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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Buckethead Quits

Guns And Roses guitarist Buckethead is quitting the band after 4 years.

He's going to pursue his solo career (what career?). According to the Rolling Stone article, he was tired of delays and doing nothing over the last four years.

Well, I can understand that, and aside from 2 or 3 concert appearances in 4 years, I don't know what the band has done. I guess Axl Rose made so much money early on that he can hire these guys and pay them and then not do anything.

The rich are clearly different.

Buckethead, for his part, at least shows some sense of motivation and a desire to advance his career. Actually, he is a pretty good guitarist and was quite popular on the weird jam band heavy metal club circuit before joining GnR. He often plays with the Primus people. Hmmmm...maybe thats a good song lyric direction. . . .