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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Local Blog Flavor

Something new I was thinking about adding to the page is a link to local blogs that best express all the flavors of Washington, D.C. Of course, on my blogroll I have the In My Neighborhood section where I link to the D.C. Metro Blog Map. They are both great resources (especially the blog map) but what I really want to do is take some time to point out local blogs that give a feel for D.C. to people that aren't necessarily from here or even have been here. And if they have, most people don't leave the well guarded federally controlled downtown area and miss lots of what makes the place unique. In that reqard, I am going to start with NOvaSlim. His topics aren't really my cup of tea, but froma design stanpoint, I find his blog well put together and something I hope to emulate when the overhaul finally goes up.

Beyond the visual sight though, Nova slim also fits represents another flavor - his is the only blog I could find thats from the heart of DC - anacostia. Well, its not really from there, in fact, i think he is from maryland, however, his metro stop = Southern Ave - is the closest I could get to Anacostia - the long neglected South Eastern part of DC - home to gangs, guns, drugs, and abject poverty and a place that Teddy Kennedy didn't want to fix the schools.

Check Nova slim out ... and check out some of his blog friends. It'll give you a great clue into what else is going down in DC outside of the federalais.


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