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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Good Ol' Fairfax County

Seems that the liberal twits who run Fairfax County have know decreed that the founding fathers were pure from sexual distraction.

Ummm, yeah . . . and its just a coincidence that the Father of the Nation George Washington seems to have slept in every historic home from here to Boston ...

And its not like this is even stuff thats gonna make Michael Powell ban it from the airwaves ... what the liberal twits on the Fairfax School Board are upset about is this exchange in the movie 1776.
Jefferson is balking at staying in Philadelphia to write the declaration and protests to Adams: "I've not seen my wife in six months."

Adams responds, "You write 10 times better than any man in Congress, including me. For a man of only 33 years, you possess a happy talent for composition and a remarkable felicity of expression. Now, will you be a patriot . . . or a lover?"

Jefferson, clearly preferring the latter, says he "burns" for his wife, at home in Virginia.
Ye Gads


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