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Monday, March 08, 2004

Burn In Hell

Thats what Ray Brent Marsh is going to do. Burn in hell. And I sure hope it takes a long long long time for him to burn up ... eternity in fact.

In case, you don't recognize his name, perhaps you recognize the story. Ray Brent was the crematorium operator in Northwest Georgia who decided not to cremate the bodies, prefering to dump em all over his property and give their grieving families concrete and ashs from his fireplace instead.

The story takes a somewhat personal note for me since we have a place in LaFayette, GA where this scumbag operated (actually he was in Noble, an unincorporated town 2 miles north of LaFayette, the Walker County Seat (Walker County is the largest, by land area in Georgia, but has the smallest population)

Anyway, if your interested in reading about the trial, the Walker County Messenger has been doing a great job the last few years covering all the details of the case.


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