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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Jews For Bush

There really are Jews For Bush. One of my best friend in the world (who I hadn't seen in awhile) is a jewish guy in New York. he's invovled in computers and the music biz. Anyway, we both run macs and were playing with iChat AV (just another incredible cool thing that works very well on a mac (ie; you can actually do it in 2 minutes)) and he revealed to me that post 9/11 he decided to register to vote for the first time every and HE REGISTERED AS A REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats more, he was saying that at least amongst the jewish population in new york, Kerry doesn't stand a chance - that they all back Bush to fight the war on terror and protect the countryand israel and that no one he knows (except, I presume, his friend moby) is even considering voting for Kerry.

This was quit a revelation to me since I am surrounded by washington chatter 24/7. We talked about a number of issues, and he was pretty much clueless to all the issues hogging the airwaves here in DC and said the only thing that matters is killing the bastards that attacked us. For that, Bush is clearly the way to go.

Folks, I am pretty sure this is how most of the country feels. Please let me know if you have any other insight to offer on this matter.


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