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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Tear Down The Walls

and move them back 30 feet. Stuart Miller thinks this would Triple the Excitement of the game by returning athleticism and strategy to the game and end the spate of steroid assisted bulking up and sheer overpowering homerun hitting we have seen in recent years.
To trade homers for triples means returning to the ballparks of yore, stretching more than 450 feet to center field and 400 in left and right center. Creating cavernous ballparks would improve the game in other ways. Teams would covet faster outfielders to cover the extra ground, producing more truly heart-stopping catches — most outfielders today never see the opportunities that made Willie Mays famous. (Mays was more than 450 feet from home plate when he made "the Catch" against Vic Wertz in the 1954 World Series.) The emphasis on speed would also translate into more steals and more hit-and-run plays — and thus even more excitement.

With longer fences, pitchers would challenge hitters more while batters, unable to simply jack the ball out, would shorten their swings — resulting in far fewer strikeouts and walks and far more action.
Yes, I say. Yes!


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