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Thursday, April 22, 2004

NY TImes On The Kerry's

Wise words from an often time unwise The New York Times >NY Times
Rapid and full disclosure, especially on this topic, should be a political no-brainer for Mr. Kerry. The documents released so far back up his campaign narrative depicting a war hero who was decorated three times for wounds and cited for "great personal courage under fire." But a presidential campaign is ever a learning experience tucked inside a cauldron. Mr. Kerry was slow to disclose his operation for prostate cancer, and he has still not fully released his medical records.

We hope the senator realizes that there cannot be too much disclosure by a candidate seeking the trust of the public for the nation's highest office.

With this high standard in mind, we urge that the candidate's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, release her tax returns. Limited financial records of Mrs. Heinz Kerry, a millionaire heiress, are available as part of the Senate's disclosure requirements. Beyond that, Mrs. Heinz Kerry points out that she is not the candidate and deserves some privacy.


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