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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Liars and Criminals

Thats what the environmental movement is.

Senator Inhofe is accusing and the Natural Resource Defense Council of lying and violating campaign finance laws.
“We take this very seriously in Oklahoma, and at least 40 other states have just as strict statutes against soliciting contributions by misleading advertising. Arguably this ad by NRDC may be unlawful in as many as forty other states that also have charitable solicitation statutes. This advertisement explicitly states that the President is weakening mercury controls - which is factually untrue -- while they are trying to swindle contributions from people all across the country that may see this advertisement. I don=t know what else this ad represents but specifically NRDC, which describes itself as a charitable organization on its website, soliciting contributions by making knowingly false statements to cheat people out of contributions”
NRDC of course, is by and large one of the least credible (though most heavily financed) environmental groups. They, along with Fenton Communications changed the face of environmental fundraising with their Alar scare and showed how deceit and outright lies can successfully raise hundreds of millions of dollars. If it wasn't for them, James Carville and Bill Clinton would never have adopted their the truth doesn't matter, just repeated what you want the truth to be over and over strategy so successfully.


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