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Monday, May 24, 2004

Armed Students

The Wall Street Journal has a decent article on the fight in Utah to allow concealed carry on the campus of the state university. Clearly not everyone in Utah is especially bright.
That law went into effect this month. The university says it won't recognize it. So in a state where a kindergarten teacher can tote a weapon in class and lawmakers carry guns in the statehouse, a showdown is coming. Utahns "sometimes think gun possession is a God-given right, not a constitutional right," says Jake Garn, a university trustee and former U.S. senator, explaining the dispute. "I tell them I don't ever remember seeing Jesus packing heat."
Now, considering that the rights enumerated in the constitution - especially the bill of rights - are natural rights coming from God (if thats what you believe - or just arising from within at birth or something) I don't undertstand the distinction he is trying to make.

Anyway, its another fine article that I highly recommend you purchasing the paper (best $1.50 investment in your future you can make today) to read.


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