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Monday, May 03, 2004

Monday Song Lyric

First, the new iTunes 4.5 is great. As a new feature here at the Monday Song Lyric, I am going to begin linking, when available, directly to the artists page at the iTunes music store. I trust you all have it on your computer. In honor of this occaision (and my failure to make a post last week), this week's Song Lyric is a two-fer.

Along with the $0.99 music downloads, and all the free songs Apple is giving away this week in honor of their one year anniversary, they have a new video feature. . . . an assortment of videos you can download and watch on your computer. There are 80 or 90 up now, and I am sure its gonna grow a lot in time, but it is great. I highly recommend the Barry White Apple Commercial.

They also have the video for the Foo Fighter's "All My Life" All I can say is WOW!!!! What a band. Is Dave Grohl not the greatest, most talented rock star to come along in a long long long time. Not only was he a kick ass drummer in Nirvana, but after Cobain's death he went on and created the most rockin modern band around - the Foo Fighters - and really set his hometown DC Hardcore scene (made famous by the likes of Fugazi and Black Flag's Henry Rollins) into a pop rock juggernaut. Insane.

After Cobain's death, Grohl went in to the studio to record all these leftover songs he had written while in Nirvana. Playing all the instruments, a guy who's 15 minutes looked pretty much over produced a monumental record. From the opening, naked sounds of his voice and a simple electric guitar, "This Is A Call" unleashed a barrage of sound setting the stage for a change in popular music as radical as the first chunky power chords of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." That was followed by "I'll Stick Around," today's first song lyric. A bitter, cutting, letter to Cobain's unstable, drug fueled, Yoko Ono like wife, Courtney Love, it set the stage for the bitter fueds to follow.

Grohl quickly assembled a cast of hard working musical friends and hit the road in a van, playing with Mike Watt's band at small clubs across the country (I will forever regret missing the show at Lupo's in Providence that first tour for some family reason I can no longer remember - of course I was more interested in seeing Mike Watt's band, not the has been from Nirvana) and laying the grounds for a new age of metalic punk infused rock & roll.

I'll Stick Around
Words & Music by Dave Grohl

I thought i knew
all it took to bother you
evry word i said was true
and that you'll see

How could it be
i'm the only one who sees
your rehearsed insanity Yeah

I still refused
all the methods you abused
it's alright if you're confused
let me be

I've been around
all the pawns you've gagged and bound
they'll come back and knock you down
and I'll be free

I've taken all and i've endured
one day this all will fade im sure

I don't owe you anything (*4)

I had no hand
in your ever desperate plan
it returns and when it lands
words are due

I should have known
we were better off alone
I looked in and I was shown
you were too

Ive taken all and I've endured
One day this all will fade i'm sure

I don't owe you anything (*8)

I'll stick around
I'll stick around
and learn from all that came from it

As consistently great as the Foo Fighter's have been, what is even more impressive and insane to me is the depth of his outside experiences, especially his return to the drums as an on again off again member of Queens of the Stone Age.

What great rock and roll!

And of course, Apples iTunes music store is also hosting their video for the Go With The Flow - the most artfuly animated and erotically charged three minutes I have seen in a long long time. I highly recommend it.

Queens of the Stone Age
Go With The Flow

She said "i'll throw myself away,
They're just photos after all"
I can't make you hang around.
I can't wash you off my skin.
Outside the frame, is what we're leaving out
You won't remember anyway
I can go with the flow
I would say it doesn't matter (with the flow) matter anymore
I can go with the flow (I can go)
Do you believe it in your head?
It's so safe to play along
Little soldiers in a row
Falling in and out of love
Something sweet to throw away.
I want something good to die for
To make it beautiful to live.
I want a new mistake, lose is more than hesitate.
Do you believe it in your head?
I can go with the flow
I would say it doesn't matter (with the flow) matter anymore
I can go with the flow (I can go)
Do you believe it in your head? X3

His success across the board, and Nirvana's failure as a band until his entrance, really makes me question the conventional wisdom about who the genius there was.


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