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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Heroic Michigan Women,
(Not Gov. Granholm)

Ted Nugent must be proud. Barbara Holland took advantage of superior accuracy to send six well placed bits of 9mm lead into the face of a scumbag gobblin and sent him packing on a one way trip to the firey depths of hell.

Her simple response - I Had No Choice.

Their eyes locked.

Then Barbara Holland saw the barrel of the gun.

She lay on the floorin her house after an intruder had knocked her down while pushing through her side door. While on her back, she drew a 9mm handgun from a holster on her waist.

Her assailant's glare suddenly changed.

"He looked surprised," Holland said.

Then she pulled the trigger.

Holland, a 38-year-old Detroit business owner and mother, remembers firing three shots. Detroit police told her she fired six.

Either way, she killed the 42-year-old man, NAME REMOVED - HE DOESN'T DESERVE THE PRIVILEDGE -- who had shoved intoher home on Troester, near Hayes, on Detroit's east Dide at 8:10 p.m. April 13.

He was an ex-con with five children and was armed with a loaded, nickel-plated semiautomatic handgun that was not registered to him. Autopsy reports indicate he was shot in the head multiple times. He never fired his weapon.

Good Job Barbara!!


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