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Friday, April 30, 2004

What's on Your Playlist?

A great New York Times editorial and the changes in the music industry Apple Computer has wrought. I whole heartedly agree, and with the new iTunes 4.5 and the ability to create and publish playlists, the experience is even better.

Think of it as a musical blogger . . . .
The iTunes Music Store already sells celebrity playlists — like a clutch of songs chosen, say, by Tom Petty or Sheryl Crow. And the new version of the iTunes software introduced this week offers users the chance to publish their own playlists seamlessly. We are entering a world of collective eclecticism, in which music lovers can guide one another into the hidden recesses of the library of recorded music.

Collective eclecticism. How true. How prophetic.
I wonder if the Times realizes the same also holds true to the relationship of bloggers and the mainstream news and information industry. The lines keep blurring and the people keep reclaiming their rightful power.


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