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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Oval Room

I convinced one of our fundraisers to take me out to Tim Sandefur's favorite D.C. restaurant on Monday, the Oval Room. I'll post a report afterward.

Today, I am heading up to the Monocle, a long time favorite of D.C. lobbyists and Senate Staffers. I've never been a big Monocle fan, the food is mediocre and the atmosphere is self important D.C. cheese to the nth degree. But, its convenient, and is in the best location on the Senate side. Of course, if time wasn't an issue, we would take the extra 10 minutes to walk to Union Station and B. Smith's, an oasis of delight in an otherwise culinarily dead part of town. I also like the employee cafeteria in the bottom of the Russel (or is it Dirksen) building. Pretty good food, incredible prices.


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