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Friday, June 18, 2004

Countertop Chronicles - The Trashy Gossip Edition

Thats what it seems I am becomeing.

Did you know Britney Spears might be enaged again? Neither did I, but Page Six has the details.

I also didn't know, or care, that she hurt her leg, but again, Page Six has the details.

I did know that she was a big girl though - I never quite understood the attraction cause she always seemed "pudgy" to me, and not in a shapely he Who Shall Not Be Named kind of way, but rather in a "I am really a Porker using tricky camera angles to hide the pork." Not that there is anything wrong with the, of course.

Why do I comment on all of this - because snarky comments are a fav. And they don't get better than Dick Johnson's
"She is a big girl anyway," said one record industry executive. "She is prone to gaining weight and likes her junk food. Being on the tour with all of the dancing was keeping a lot of the weight off, but now that she's going to be on crutches for a while, people are worried she will balloon up."

Zelnick said Britney "will be taking a couple weeks off of her leg, but she is walking on crutches and will continue to remain in good shape with the help of physical therapy."

We're sure Federline will help give her a good workout too.

Ouch! That hurts, real goooood. No Wonder Britney wears clothes like this:


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