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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Daniel Snyder and the Redskins

I am a New York Giants fan.

Or to put it more precisly - I am a New York Giants, Yankees, Rangers fan (others are Jets, Mets, Islanders/Devil). I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and my family all lives in the New York Metropolitan area. However, living in the D.C. area its impossible to not get caught up in the hubbub surounding the Redskins. Since I like Football, when I moved here permanently in 1998 I decided to put my name on the list for Redskins tickets. I've been on for a number of years and don't expect to hear from them for a number more.

Well, an arlington teacher who put her name on the list in 1996 just heard back from the Redskins.

I'm not gonna tell you what they told her, but its simply one more reason for James to Hate D.C.


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