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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Energy Week Day

It was supposed to be Energy Week on the hill here in D.C. Instead, we are facing simply energy day in which the House will once again try to vote on the stalled Energy Bill and a number of other provisions.

One of them, intended to reduce gosline prices, will allow for the temporary easing of costly and supply hindering fuel formulation regulations in the case of a major supply disruption as was seen in out West last year when a pipeline ruptured and left Phoenix without any gas.

Not surprisingly, enviro's and their allies don't like this idea. The would rather strangle the nation and make it easier for Al Quaeda to take us down.

The Washington Post has a very telling editorial on a number of the provisions the House is considering
Environmentalists dislike all three, because they would streamline current environmental regulations
Yep folks, thats all you really need to know right there. They don't care about the real impacts on the environment. They don't care about the shape of the economy or letting middle class families afford to take vacations this year. They don't care if people can't afford to drive to work or if employers can't afford to manufacture their products.

No, enviro's and their Donk hanger ons only care about making the system as costly and confusing as possible, better to keep their slimy anti American paws in it. They should hang their heads in shame. Coming off the celebration of Reagan and all he stood for last week, I know the House will do the right thing.

Lets hope the Senate has the balls to as well.


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