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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Nancy Reagan

Jeff at Alphecca posted these thoughtful words. I wish I had thought of them first. Thanks Jeff for your continued clarity and insight and Thanks Nancy for all you've done to tend to a true American hero.

Let me just say something about the wonderful Nancy Reagan, his wife. She has protected and cared for the love of her life for over fifty years of marriage, but especially for the last ten years as Ronald succumbed to his terrible affliction. And then, on his death, she -- no doubt wanting only to be able to grieve alone for her (and our) loss -- had to somehow find the strength to stand tall, with dignity and poise, always under the glare of non-stop media, somehow to make it through what must surely have been the longest, saddest week of her life.

Almighty God, please give Nancy Reagan the peace-of-mind and comfort she needs at this moment. Please, now that Ronald Reagan has been buried, keep the relentless press, the endless lenses away from her so she can finally grieve by herself. Give her solace and let her know that we all love and admire her and only wish for her some sort of happiness, or at least release, in her remaining years.

Would everybody please just leave her alone now? God bless you Nancy Reagan. May He put his great and mighty arm around you and afford you some of the protection and comfort such as you had been providing for your husband for so long.


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