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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wictory Wedensday

Ronald Reagan, as many know, was not only the greatest President of the 20th Century and the greatest Californian governor of the 20th century, as well as a damn fine actor and longtime spokesman for General Electric, he was also the head of the Screen Actors Guild during the turbulent 50s when communists were literally threatening to overtake Hollywood and America. Reagan, at first, didn't know much about communism and at the time was a committed democrat. But, as he all too quickly learned, the red threat was real (especially in Hollywood) and he soon embarked on a campaign to rid America of its socialist and communist enemies. For this, the liberal left and hollywood/media establishement has forever resented him. For this, America discovered a great leader and a great warrior who eventually defeated the evil communist empire.

However, that defeat was not complete. The last vestiges of communism did not die out. Rather, communism lives on in Cuba, in name only in China, and in the modern day Democrat party where the minority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is an avowed socialist. It is also present in the looney left that continues to shape the media debate within our nation. Most troubling, it is the foundation behind the Presidential Candidacy of John Fuckface Fonda Kerry, the most disturbing democratic presidential nominee in a generation.

Yesterday was Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, scores of bloggers ask their readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush 2004 campaign.

This week, make those donations and volunteer your time in honor of a great American, Ronald Reagan, as we continue, with George W. Bush, to stamp out the last remanants of evil in the world and defeat commmunism, in the form of John Fuck Face Kerry and Nancy Pelosi once more.

If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesdays simply by putting up a post like this one every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush campaign. And then e-mail so that you'll be added to the Wictory Wednesday blogroll, which will be part of the Wictory Wednesday post on all participating blogs:


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