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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Trip Pics

So some people have emailed to ask a couple of questions related to the trip south.

First, they want to know when I'm going to post pics (Photobloggin, ya know).

Here's the answer - when I get around to it. Since my digital camera broke about a month ago, I haven't had time (or the finances really - if I get another its gonna be a Nikon D70) to get a new one. Hence, all my pictures were shot on disposable cameras (that my wife likes) or on my old Nikkormat SLR which has shot everyone from both President Bush's, Clinton, the Rolling Stones, hundreds of shots of Phish and Widespread Panic and the Grateful Dead, the New York Yankees, and all sorts of other interesting things in between. Problem is, I usually shoot slides with it and it takes a bit longer to both get them developed and then get them scanned properly. My father and I have been looking at investing in a top quality drum slide scanner, to do justice to our photo collections, for the last couple of months but haven't decided on one. So, give me a bit more time to either get my own scanner or get the local store to scan them and I will photoblog away.

The other question is about guns. Yes guns. I was hoping to buy a few on this trip south but ended up without any purchases. Sad, almost reprehensible behavior on my part, yes I know. However, there is a reason for it and hopefully I can post about it in a bit with exciting gun related news (ie: the purchase of something REALLLY COOL).


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