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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Tank v. Tank

I'm sure you'all have heard about the buldozer escapade in Colorado this last weekend, where a guy was ticked off over a zoning board decision that ruined his business and he decided to attack town with a bulldozer.

I just wonder when will the Commie Mommies start calling for bulldozers to be banned. Their gonna need a new target since .50 caliber weapons apparantly aren't as highly explosive as they have made them out to be.
During Heemeyer's nightmarish attack, he shot repeatedly at a number of huge propane tanks at a distributorship with a .50-caliber weapon, authorities said. The apparent attempt to trigger a massive explosion failed.
We learned something else in this event too - bigger is better
Nelson claimed Heemeyer tried to extend his path of destruction into a residential area where town council members lived, but was herded back to town by a D-11 bulldozer, larger than Heemeyer's D-9 dozer.

Thats it for now. I'm off to the local junk/flea fair to see if I can score some bigger guns


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