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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Left Wing Thuggery

A group of Pink Pistols was subjected to unwarranted and illegal harrassment and thuggery by confirmed members of the Left Wing Loony Brigade at a Gay Pride Parade. The Pink Pistol's a group of gun toting homosexuals who refuse to be victims of unwarranted attacks, believing self preservation is a personal responsibility, not something to rely upon the police state to provide, were invited to march in the parade with the Buckeye Region Veterans for Equal Rights.
The parade itself was without incident. But trouble occurred while three of the Pink Pistols were having lunch at the festival site afterwards. According to sources, about halfway through lunch, the first two staff persons, one bearing a 2-foot long, inch-thick truncheon (which she referred to dubiously as a "keychain", by virtue of the split keyring and key at one end), accosted the group with the statement: "I thought I told YOU PEOPLE not to bring firearms in here?"


Then she said, "I'm going to confiscate those firearms, turn them over to me right now!"

The Pink Pistols responded that they would do no such thing. Ms. Anderson repeated that they must turn over their weapons, and they would get them back after the event.

. . .

Ms. Anderson retreated briefly and returned with 10 security guards. She again insisted they surrender their firearms. Still, the Pink Pistols refused. More guards were called, until approximately 30 security guards surrounded the three Pink Pistols. Ms. Anderson at this time brandished her truncheon and demanded once again that the Pink Pistols either turn over their firearms or she would take them, but the Pink Pistols once again refused.

Kim Rife recalls: "I have a sense about these things, and I think her 'plan' was to 'subdue' us.


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