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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

This Is What Diversity Looks Like

Jeff Soyer at Alphecca is reporting on a disturbing incident over the weekend at an Ohio Gay Rights parade where members of the pro second amendment Pink Pistols were assaulted by liberal left goonies from the gay lobby, goosestepping along with those other Donk extremists the gun grabbers. Hell in a handbasket also has some first hand reporting.

Seems these people celebrate diversity, except when it involves opinions other than their own.
Initially three, then later, four members of the Central Ohio Pink Pistols, a group promoting the safe handling of firearms in the GLBT community, were threatened by the Executive Director of Stonewall Columbus, who wielded a 2-foot club, and up to 30 volunteer security personnel at the Stonewall Columbus Pride Event on Saturday, June 26. The Pink Pistols were repeatedly ordered to surrender their legally-owned and carried firearms by a steadily-growing army of guards. Knowing the law was on their side, the Pink Pistols refused to surrender their property or knuckle under to illegal threats of violence, search, and seizure by Stonewall Columbus personnel. Police were summoned at Pink Pistols request. No firearms were surrendered or confiscated, and no arrests were made, as no laws were broken.

So much for peace, love and happiness.

Executive Director Kate Anderson's actions CLEARLY amount to an intentional tort - Assault. The tort of assault (as opposed to criminal assault) requires only the following -

1. An intentional, unlawful threat or "offer" to cause bodily injury to another by force;
She offered to remove their weapons by force.
2. Under circumstances which create in the other person a well-founded fear of imminent peril;

She approached and surrounded them with her goons and made her intention to remove their weapons (and touch their bodies) clear.
3. Where there exists the apparent present ability to carry out the act if not prevented.

Not only did she approach them with 20 goons (each of whom is also liable for damages under a tort suit) but she was carrying (and clearly displaying) what sounds like a brutal weapon while acting in a manner indicating her intent to use it against them.

In addition to suing Ms. Anderson personally, the Pink Pistols should also sue the organization hosting the event, as well as each one of the security guards. Since Ms. Anderson had prior knowledge that her actions were not only illegal and unfounded, but also outrageous, I would seek punitive damages against both her and the Stonewall Organization.

I'd also sue the city's police department for their failure to arrest her and for allowing the situation to continue. Their actions, especially their recomendation that the Pink Pistols leave the scene peacefully, clearly amount to squashing their rights to occupy a public space. However, since the police were generally helpful I wouldn't seek millions, just a nuisance suit to educate them. They should seek $1 or some other token amount but force the city to litigate the issue or reach a favorable settlement setting a firm precedent for future occaisions.

The press attention the Pink Pistols get will be tremendous, the Ms. Anderson will look like the violent goon she seems to be, and the city will be embarrassed about not protecting citizens from a gang of liberal criminals.

Of course, thats just my offhand thoughts. An Ohio lawyer might advise them differently.


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