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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Blog Traffic

Mostly, things are pretty predictable around here. At least as far as traffic goes. I have a core of about 35 people who seem to visit every day, a few of them 4 or 5 times a day. I then have another group - lets say another 35 or so - who seem to visit a couple of times a week and depending on how active I am on other blogs, maybe 5 or so who link from a comment I left. I probably get 10 - 15 random search engine hits a day too. Mostly gun stuff.

Thats how it goes, and it averages pretty evenly across the board. Of course, I do get spikes every now and then. Glenn Reynolds has linked to me a couple of times. The Instalanch always takes me by surprise (I log into site meter and see hundreds of hits - or one time 3,000 hits a day for 3 days when I photoblogged the cherry blossoms) but its pretty easy to tell where they come from. Same with the Volokh. These guys also return what I call dividends. A link from Reynolds is the link that keeps on giving. Weeks and months later even. Other times smaller blogs link to me and see a boost of 10 or 15 hits. Again, pretty easy to track back.

But today something strange happened. It was a pretty normal day, the last couple of days having registered slightly higher viewership based upon my post discussing the legal implications of the Pink Pistols CCW protest. However, after returning from an afternoon meeting, I decided to check my stats and wo and behold, they have a huge spike. Turns out, everyone is linking in to see a post of mine onthe war on terror. When this first went up, I referrenced it in some comments at hit and run and saw a big spike (about 400) as a result (it helped that the Instapundit linked to the Hit and Run story. Well, it turns out that for some reason, a lot of people began linking in to me from these two week old comments today (maybe 100).

If your one of them, please let me know what the link path looks like - ie; who is linking to the Hit and Run story today. I'm interested to find out how you got here.


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