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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Golden Rule

My parents taught me the golden rule at an early age
Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You
To me, the loss of civility in this country has coincided with the apparant failure of people to follow this rule and teach it to their children. This strikes me as especially sad and something that we should all strive to resolve.

The Golden Rule, which some may note, pretty much encompasses common sense. To me, it seems like the baseline for common sense, the point from which all of our actions, collectivly as society, should evolve. For that reason, I have long subscribed to the notion that the Golden Rule can be both guidance on how to live your life as well as guideance on how to punish transgression. Sort of like the notion of an eye for an eye.

Well, sadly, I was reminded of this today as I learned about the depths of cruelty some in our society have found. It seems that a group of teenagers, bored by the loss of imagination sowed through reliance on video games and immune to common sense and the suffering of others through the constant exposure to violence in the same video games and Hollyweird movies, decided it would be fun to
set fireworks off in the mouths of puppies.

Puppies!!! 4 an 1/2 month old Labrador puppies.

Six of them died.

When they find these scum bags the only punishment that seems fitting to me is to shove a bunch of fireworks in THEIR mouths, strapped them down, and see how it feels.

And if they survive - then we can just beat them to a bloody pulp till their no more.

Sorry, but I really have no patience for cruelty to animals, especially helpless puppies. Bastards. Ruined my day.


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