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Monday, July 19, 2004

The Weak and the Strong

I've always thought the ability to face, and acknowledge, ones critics is an integral part of showing intestinal fortitude and preserving your convictions and a strong will.

With that, it seems as if we now know who the more intellectually honest paper is here in D.C. As I commented about earlier, the Washington Post has still remained silent, refusing to print neither my letter to the editor or others letters, over the silly stories on open carry in Virginia. Rather, it has let its ally the New York Times up the ante instead with today's editorial on open carry in which the Times assailed not only Virginia but also other states such as Utah who continue to recognize the second amendment.

Luckily, consumers in D.C. have a clear choice now. The Washington Times, while running the more egregious story, at least has the werewithall to publish a letter defending the constitution and critizcizing the quality of the Times reporting.
It has been with great amusement that I have observed the media hand-wringing, even in your paper, regarding Virginia's gun laws ("Virginia laws on weapons defy common sense," Metropolitan, Friday). One can always tell a columnist's position is weak when the columnist resorts to name-calling, as did Adrienne T. Washington when she referred to "hillbilly hills" and called lawmakers "East Coast gun-toters of the Wild West."
We are proud of our police in Virginia, particularly in Fairfax County, where the controversy originated. When a county has one of the best police departments in the country and honest residents exercising their constitutional rights, it is no wonder that criminals prefer to ply their trade elsewhere.
Well put!


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