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Monday, September 13, 2004

Ban Was 'Big Nothing'

There's a fairly big article on the Bans expiration, and its ineffectivness in todays Washington Post. SOrt of interesting, if you ask me, especially some of the admissions the Post will now let out, since its too late for them to simply renew it.
Yet what strikes gun dealers such as Marlow is that the rifles for sale this week will not be different in any significant way from the ones available for the past 10 years. Amid the furious political maneuvering of recent days is a situation little noticed by the public but one well known to dealers: The ban did not prevent many assault weapons from reaching the streets.

"It's a big nothing," said Gary Taepke, owner of Wolverine Shooting Sports, a gun range and firearms store in Brownstown, south of Detroit. "The ban didn't change anything. It is strictly cosmetic."

A surprising number of gun control advocates find themselves largely agreeing with that assessment, although they argue that the answer is not to end the ban but to strengthen it. The failings of the law, they contend, are the product of undesirable political compromises, not proof that their cause is wrong.

"We agree that the 1994 law is ineffective," said Kristen Rand, legislative director of the Washington-based Violence Policy Center, which estimates that U.S. companies produced more than 1 million assault-type weapons in the past decade. "Good public policy would be to institute an effective assault weapons ban."

Interesting, don't you think. Kristen Rand's still an unprincipled bitch, though. One of the interesting things about the article is its focus on Michigan Gun dealers and the ultimate impact on the election.
The Wolverine shop has several posters displayed prominently. One shows the Statue of Liberty adorned with a leather shoulder holster and the motto, "United We Stand." Another shows Democratic senators, including presidential nominee John F. Kerry, smiling about a gun control success and urges people to "Vote your sport." It warns, "Your firearm freedoms are at stake."

National polls suggest that strong majorities of voters and gun owners favor extending the assault weapons ban. The figures are comparable in Michigan, a state passionate about hunting. Last week the state declared open season on mourning doves for the first time in 100 years.

Kerry left the campaign trail earlier this year to cast a Senate vote for stronger restrictions and has recently stepped up his criticism of President Bush, who promised as a candidate in 2000 to extend the ban. Although Bush has reiterated that he would sign an extension if it reached his desk, he has not lobbied for it.

Now that they lost, what is their strategy?
Instead, the two senators held a news conference to urge major retailers not to sell the once-banned weapons.

Yep, thats gonna stop crime, though in reality, its probably just as effective as the so-called Assault Weapons Ban was.

The also are running this picture. Problems with Front Sight notwithstanding, I like it.


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